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N95 Respirator Face Mask


Member of World Health Organization, FDA, NIOSH

Member of Maryland Chamber of Commerce

Member of Trusted Government Manufacturers

US Federal Verified Vendor

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Anti Hyperthermia & Thermoregulation


Specific design for best Inhalation and Exhalation

Using Ultra HDUV Disinfection and Sanitizing  Individual packing System

Anti Hyperthermia & Thermoregulation

*Delta P
  .ISO  10993
*NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84
  .ASTM F1862
  .ASTM F2101
  .ASTM F2100-19-L1
  .ASTM F2299
  .16 CFR 1610

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Quality Materials

HDUV Ultraviolet Disinfection & Sanitizing Machine

ultraviolet rays penetrate the cell membrane and nucleus of microorganisms, destroying the molecular bonds of nucleic acids (DNA or RNA), causing them to lose their replication ability or activity and die To kill all bacteria and viruses without using any chemicals.

Professional Packing

we use horizontal flow wrapping machine for Wrap individually our N95 respirator Face mask.

All masks go through 18 feet disinfected and sanitizing machine then individually wrapped in a seal plastic film one by one to be able to carry not only in any areas of activity but also with any conditions and finally goes to boxes. Each box contains 20 N95 respirator face masks.

Ultraviolet disinfection Dust free room system

The disinfection effect of ultraviolet C disinfection technology on bacteria, viruses and other pathogens has been recognized worldwide, and it has an unmatched sterilization efficiency of other technologies. The bactericidal effect of ultraviolet rays on bacteria and viruses is generally within one second.

Nonwoven materials with soft surface for all-day comfort and excellent moisture management

BFE 97 Meltblown, Needlepunch and Carded Synthetic Materials

Synthetic and Cellulose materials ideal for comfortable ear straps and tie straps for medical masks

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